Collective musical cre-action inspired by contemporary music and Japanese poetry

National partners

  • University: Strasbourg (CFMI and ESPE)
  • School: Elementary School West Ward (Wimpfeling Elementary School), Sélestat
  • Ensemble: Ensemble HANATSU miroir (Contemporary Music Ensemble), Strasbourg


The project focuses on creativity and entrepreneurship through collective “cre-action”: the conceptualization and realization of a finished musical production starting from a simple sound object. The sound objects are based on short Japanese poems, called “Haikus”. Using a sparsity of words, they express a variety of emotions. The aim is to practice writing haikus and to transforming them into contemporary music. During this activity, a special emphasis is put on freedom of invention. The ensemble HANATSU miroir will help to coach and support this process.


Using the haiku as a starting point, the university students will explore and propose different aspects of musical creation which they can conduct with school kids. The HANATSU miroir ensemble will provide audiovisual material presenting selected pieces and aspects of contemporary music as well as an introduction to the ensemble’s instruments. In a second step, students and pupils will compose and perform their own compositions in a common performance.

The pupils will practice various skills in the following steps:

  • preparatory research
  • interdisciplinary activities (music, literature, art)
  • entrepreneurship (management, teamwork, marketing)
  • creative working (reflective and analytic listening ,creating a repertoire of sound objects)
  • producing music based on the sound objects (making music in small ensembles, connection of audio and visual arts)
  • performance (preparation and presentation of the public performance


During the course of the project, the participants will produce new materials to be used in similar activities in other schools for all age groups, for example:

  • instructions for building musical instruments out of household items.
  • ideas for creating sound objects (voice, body percussion, etc)
  • vocabulary for describing and commenting on music
  • instructions for preparing and publicizing a performance


You can download the concepts in English, German and every partner’s national language: Download (PDF)