Preparation for a Performance


Preparing a show or any other project involving a mobilization on the moment, presence, attention to the stage aspect requires a particular concentration and preparation to bring together the optimal conditions for the success of the Performance. Complicity, involvement, concentration, mobilizing the energies of everyone is essential. All the students in the class become a team, a company that will mobilize to give the best of itself for the pleasure of others.

Age: from age 8

Key words creativity and entrepreneurship: Working in teams, Risk of the performance, Flexibility, Identification of problems, production and overtaking the risk


Part 1: Prepare for the presentation of a text and practice reading it aloud

  • Define what keywords should appear in the presentation
  • Preparation for an oral presentation: practice speaking, using keywords in the order you want
  • Alone or with others, write a presentation text using these keywords and practise presenting it verbally, without reading, either with text support, or with the support of key words (according to fluency of the student)

Introduction to Performance

01 Intro Automne Spectacle Sélestat 27:06:2016

Part 2: Make choices

Role allocation

  • for preparation, for placement on stage, for reading the presentation (text), the running order, for storage of the instrument, for the composition, for the start signal, end signal

Choosing a team name

  • in order to be recognised, to identify themselves with a collective generic name
  • collective choice: suggestions for names then a choice to be made by the class

Example: “THE WIMPFING” for Wimpfeling school Sélestat, “Young conductors” for school Budapest


  • we will adopt a common dress (e.g., T-shirt with logo) to be unified, to be together, to have a team recognition, to have an image
  • think about a logo and a presentation of the text: font, colour, layout

             5, rue Mozart

Part 3: Getting ready

Before the performance

Getting ready: concentration exercises, attention, relaxation

(see: Impulsion: Voice, body, “sound bodies”, instruments)


02 Hiver Extrait 2 Spectacle Sélestat 27:06:2016

Musikkreativ+ – Abschlusskonzert (komplett)


The pupils are able to:

  • plan and anticipate; be proactive;
  • get involved and communicate; take initiative, suggest, advise;
  • develop, improve.