Impulsion: Voice, body, “sound bodies”, instruments

Discovery, experimentation and the opening of the imagination: momentum to awaken the creative spirit.

This module offers warm-up exercises, to become aware of one’s body, open the voice, and explore various sound bodies. The aim is to motivate and to prepare the student and the group, in addition to the student as a member of the group. To give encouragement individually and collectively to develop creativity through the voice, the body and by playing instruments.

The process of collective musical creation presupposes each player will seek, listen to, meet, discover, experiment, explore, imagine, invent and collaborate. We become enriched by the creativity of others, discovering all possibilities and developing one’s own creativity, taking confidence in one’s ideas to gain self-confidence.

Discovering, experimenting, then engaging and creating together delivers a special impetus, returning the sum of all energy given and all the energy produced.

The module aims to prepare and deliver the impulse for collective “composition”, to hear and to listen to each other.